BCE Tetronom

BCE product example: Tetronom

Measurement Technology

In metrology features paramagnetism and electrical insulation at high wear resistance play a major role. With the technical ceramic materials you can use thin-walled sensor caps and protective sleeves for the eddy current measurement technique. Also for some sensor developments electrical insulating and dielectric properties are important prerequisites. But even simple components of advanced ceramics, such as electrical or thermal insulating bolts, nuts, spacers and tubes allow specific applications. Especially for optical applications, the low thermal expansion partly be critical at high temperature resistance; for example optical housings or benches. For laser applications capacitive elements as constituents of distance measurement are used.

Application examples:

  • Wear-resistant measuring table plates (polished) from A-997
  • Thermally insulating push rods for tactile measurement systems from Z-700E
  • Metallized sensor components of A-960, A-997
  • Electrically insulating multi-hole tubes (customer specific) or simple shells made out of A-997, Z-700E