Technical Ceramics

Zirconia is a high-performance material belonging to the oxide ceramic family. It is characterized by its remarkable fracture toughness, high wear and corrosion resistance, as well as having a low degree of thermal conductivity. On the other side, aluminum oxide is the most widely used ceramic material. This type of ceramic is perfect for use in electrical and high temperature applications, thanks to its exceptional electrical insulative properties, dielectric strength and ability to resist temperatures up to 1750 °C. The optimum qualities of both materials: great strength, toughness, hardness and wear resistance, are combined to create our mixed oxide ceramics.

Our special components include non-oxide ceramic high-performance materials, such as silicon nitride and carbide, as well as boron carbide and aluminum nitride. These components have very different characteristics which are perfectly tailored to their individual use and application. A comparative table lists all relevant characteristics of our high-performance ceramics.

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