Electrical Technology

Due to the high electrical resistance, the oxide ceramic materials are predominantly predestined as insulators for use in electrical engineering. The high temperature properties associated with its excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemical agents (eg, acids, bases, alcohols, etc.) opens with the high mechanical strength of the advanced ceramics a wide range of applications in practice. Through a selective choice of certain ceramic materials also the thermal conductivity could be affected within certain limits, depending on specific demands: a high heat flow for cooling (by a good heat conducting material) or a thermally insulating effect.
By in-situ sintering of platinum wires or the metallization of the surface by means of silver-platinum pastes also electrically conductive structures are producible, as they are state of the art in the field of sensor components application.

Application examples

  • Insulating components, such as coil bodies, laser components
  • Sensor heads
  • Simple spacers
  • Components for fuel cells
  • Elements in ultra high vacuum systems (eg UHV manipulators)
Special ceramics for the electrical technology


Special ceramics for the electrical technology

Electrical insulators

Special ceramics for the electrical technology

Feeding elements