Applications of Technical Ceramics

The manufactured assemblies and ceramic components from BCE cover a very broad spectrum in various fields of applications and several industry sectors. The sophisticated and unique specific properties of varied ceramic materials such as Alumina, Zirconia, Mixed-Oxides as well as Nitrides and Carbides allow an improvement in numerous working processes compared to the use of steel components.

Generally ceramics can be characterized as very hard, enormous wear resistant, high temperature-stable and also resistant to most of popular acids and bases. Most ceramic materials offer excellent electrical insulating properties combined with a poor thermal conductivity. These characteristics allow an operation in various application areas and branches of industry.

Fuel Cells

High electrical insulation coupled with maximum gas impermeability give maximum safety.

Fuel Cells

Processing of high quality ceramic powder for use under the most extreme operating conditions – even at unit quantities of just 1.

Luft- und Raumfahrt

Field of application and key aspects:

Research and Development

Chemical Industry (corrosion protection)

Mechanical and Plant Engineering (wear resistance, insulating properties)

Aerospace (insulating properties, high-temperature stability)

Forming Technology (wear resistance, hardness, surface properties)

Automotive (corrosion protection, insulating properties, wear resistance)

Microtechnology (insulating properties, corrosion protection, wear resistance)

Measurement Technology (insulating properties, wear resistance)

Medical Technology (biocompatible materials, wear, insulating properties)