The high demands of this industry request for reliable advanced ceramics in extreme environmental conditions. Here the precise production sequence at BCE company plays an important role and the cold-isostatic processing of high-quality ceramic powder is a key function in the processing chain. With the use of special inserts or cores during cold-isostatic pressing, it is also possible to implement complex internal structures without a green machining. These special components are often required only in the number of one unit and sometimes only for safety aspects (may be destroyed during installation) or reason of production time ordered by the number of 2 pieces. This is prototyping directly to the application. Through the support by CAD-CAM and 3D models, complex individual pieces can be finished, the untested must use most.

Typical applications are

  • Flanges for isolation of satellite technology
  • Special components for space experiments and insulating components
Special ceramics components for aerospace

Air Bearing Components

Special ceramics components for aerospace

Ceramic Gears

Special ceramics components for aerospace

Gear pump