Mechanical and Plant Engineering

The engineering sector has different requirements for ceramic components. In addition to high mechanical strength, wear resistance, thermal and electrical insulation and thermal conductivity come into play. If required, simple components such as flanges, bolts and washers are manufactured and realized in technical ceramics. In other application areas a particular bearing problem has to be solved as a result of high temperatures, lack of lubrication or corrosive environments where standard bearings would fail immediately. The requirements are often very complex and the solutions varied, therefore, the approach should be closely examined and discussed. A drawing as basis for discussion helps to support you in implementing your problem in ceramic questions! Here, BCE is not simply a ceramic manufacturer, but also a source of ideas and consultants − with our customers we try to get the most benefit regarding functionality and economic gain. A one-to-one implementation of existing components in most cases made of metal or polymer materials is not purposeful or succeeds only uneconomical.

The following components from high-performance ceramics have been proven and are partly state of the art

  • Wear-resistant slide bearings, even with minimal lubrication
  • Customized bearings with media lubrication
  • Valve components: seat rings, cones, ball valves
  • Wear-resistant, high-precision guiding elements
  • Forming tools, extrusion dies and matrices
  • Nozzle for aggressive media (chemicals, adhesives) or for the use of abrasive components
  • Shear blades in the paper and plastics industries , slitter knives in the metal foil packaging
Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining

Bearing blocks

Bearing Blocks

Ceramic Screws / Threaded Components

Ceramic Screws / Threaded Components