Medical Technology

Components for Medical Engineering place very high demands on the technical ceramics. In this case only excellent materials, optically perfect appearance and high reliable components are accepted. In addition, it is important to distinguish components for disposition (implants) or short-term use in body cavities (endoscopic components). Due to the spatial separation in the production, contamination of the materials can be avoided to 100%. The most common material is Z 700 E (HIP) – a ZrO2 meeting the ISO 13356:2008 standard, but also a ZTA material on the basis of a high purity Al2O3 + ZrO2 nano-scale batch.

BCE reference components in medical technology:

  • Root posts from Y-TZP ZrO2, isostatically pressed
  • Endoscopy peaks of various diameters of Y-TZP and cerium-stab. ZrO2
  • Different micromechanical components for appliances (endoscopes, etc.) of Y-TZP ZrO2 in minimally invasive surgery
  • Components of Y-TZP ZrO2 for appliances for uterine manipulation
  • Prototypical dental implants Y-TZP ZrO2
  • Preforms for dental implants with / without internal thread M 1.6 out of Y-TZP ZrO2
  • Abutment preforms
  • Insulation components in endoscopy of Y-TZP ZrO2 ZrO2
  • Instruments and Auxiliary Tools for Catheder Manufacturing made of Y-TZP ZrO2
Special ceramics for medical technology

Dental Implants

Special ceramics for medical technology

Miniature guide sleeves, medical technology

Special ceramics for medical technology

Medical components