Chemical Industry and process engineering

Applications in the chemical industry and in the field of process engineering usually require a good temperature resistance in addition with a correspondingly high corrosion resistance sometimes partially combined with good thermal shock resistance.

Additionally in some applications the demand for abrasion resistance exists especially if solid particles are present in a fluid media, which can cause significant wear using metal or plastic valve seats and plugs. The typical materials of technical ceramics used in these scopes of application are pure Al2O3 (A-997), Mg-PSZ ZrO2 (Z-507) and Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride; N-205).

Application examples

  • Valve components for control valves made of A-997 and Z-513
  • Valves or fittings made of A-997, A-960
  • Dosing components made of Z-507
  • Liner, liners made of A-997, Z-507, Z-513
Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings

Housing for Valve Balls

Housing for Valve Balls

Valve - cone and seat

Valve – cone and seat