Alumina is the most popular ceramic material resulting from nearly endless availability in different purities, starting with approx. 92 % ending up with 99.99 % qualities and the specific material characteristics. Combining a medium level bending strength with excellent wear resistance, high hardness and relatively good thermal conductivity Alumina is versatile useable. Especially in electrical applications and high temperature operations the excellent insulating behavior and dielectric strength favor Alumina for use up to 1750 °C.

Hardness is paired with high brittleness, therefore Alumina is not suited in highly loaded machinery applications. From time to time a customizing and modification in design-engineering can succeed.

BCE treats purity grades in range from 96 % (A 960) to 99.99 % (A 999) — mainly the 99.5…99.7 % quality (A 995).

Data Sheets:

Material data sheet A-960 (PDF) Aluminia, fine crystalline

Material data sheet A-997 (PDF) Aluminia, fine crystalline

Material data sheet A-999 (PDF) Aluminia, fine crystalline
Material data sheet ZTA-86/14 (PDF) Aluminia, particle reinforced

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